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J-music fans in Colorado
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10th-Apr-2012 02:54 pm - Rummage Sale
grey cat
I am selling six years' worth of Japanese goods. I have more Gackt, L'Arc, indies goods etc. for sale than you will find anywhere in Colorado. We're not just talking about DVDs and CDs (although I have tons of those) I lugged back a towel from hyde's solo tour, a Gackt mouse pad, posters and wristbands and photographs and folders and fans and concert pamphlets and more. On the lighter side, if Johnny's Entertainment put it on the market before 2006, chances are that I bought it. I also have enough random singles that whether you like Tommy February, B'z, Black Biscuits or ElDorado, I have something that you might like.

I took the DVD and CDs that just came in plastic jewel cases out of the jewel cases and put them in a CD wallet to get everything home. (I had a lot to lug back home.) I have the paper inserts for each but they won't be in their original case (I also don't quite know how I'm going to photograph them all).

It is time for me to clear some space for new loves and new adventures and I am not looking to make lots of money on this sale, just to see to it that things that gave me a great deal of joy once will find happy homes. I've made a promise to myself to get all of it out the door by the end of the month. No reasonable offer will be refused; please don't offer me $10 for both Mizerable photo books but don't fret - you can find things for which I'm willing to take $1. If you'd like a sneak peak, Click here. I would LOVE to avoid shipping and thus would adore it if someone local wants anything and can just come pick it up. Drop me a line if you see anything you want or if you are curious as to whether that obscure Lychee single you've been hunting for is in my possession (hint: it is).
LUNA SEA ~ 20th Anniversary World Tour Reboot - to the New Moon
December 4, 2010 @ Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles USA

Hollywood Palladium, an over 60 years old Art Deco style building, locates on the world famous Sunset Strip at Hollywood California. It has hosted Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards in the early years. As a music venue, The Rolling Stones, The Police, Prince, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and many more have left their foot prints here. On December 4 of 2010, LUNA SEA walked up to this historical stage as the second stop of the band's 20th Anniversary World Tour.

The venue is an oval shape, and there are 10 crystal lights surrounding the edge. A big screen was showing LUNA SEA's logo behind the drum stage.

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13th-Mar-2009 11:35 pm(no subject)
5 Japanese Bands at the Bluebird Theater 3/26/09

Thursday, March 26th, Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast presents:

The SXSW Japan Nite Showcase - Five premiere Japanese bands will play at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver.

Detroit7 + SA + Sparta Locals + Omodaka + Flip - a 16 and older show!

$12adv/$14 d.o.s - advance tickets (with no service charge!) are available at Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast!

For more information, check out:

5th-Oct-2008 11:29 am - Some quick promotion
I am the best

Check out _vintagesirens 
20th-Sep-2008 04:51 pm - Sugizo tonight! Extra ticket!!
Hey everyone, I know this is kind of a long shot...
but the Sugizo concert is tonight and I have an extra ticket!
So if anyone wants to go/ is going and doesn't have a ticket yet..
Let me know! I'd rather give it to one of you than have it go to waste!!
Just reply to this entry and I'll get back to you about it!
♥ Sumi
4th-Sep-2008 07:40 pm - dir en grey concert
Hi everyone. So, I created this account specifically so I could post an entry about the dir en grey concert in December. I am really interested in getting tickets and going but I am a little unsure about it. I've just moved to Colorado and I don't know very many people, let alone anyone who is interested in jrock. I think I am in need of a concert buddy! Is that strange? lol. Either way, let me know if you are interested or just want to talk!
30th-Aug-2008 09:21 pm - SUGIZO!
BoA and Siwon
:D Heyyy~

Looks like sugizo is coming to Colorado~ ♥

13th-Aug-2008 07:01 pm - Dir en Grey.
BoA and Siwon
o_O I'm very surprised that nobody has posted this yet...

anyways... it seems that Dir en Grey is coming to Colorado once again~

For those of you who haven't seen this yet...

Tour Dates are here ---> http://www.direngrey.tickets.musictoday.com/DirEnGrey/calendar.aspx
1st-Jul-2008 12:06 am - Hi-ho~
Hey everyone, I just joined this community~
(and livejournal for that matter)
Anyways, my name is Shayna, but I also go by Sumi x3

29th-Jun-2008 01:08 pm - Random
I am the best
So, the Cherry Blossom festival was/is this weekend. I was there yesterday, and saw some of you there (does that sound creepy?)
I would have said hi, but I am terribly awkward in approaching people. In case you thought you saw me, I was this girl only in a flowy pink and brown shirt, jeans, and a Charlie Chaplin purse. Hah.

It made me think, though, that a meet-up is in order. I know I've talked about this with some members before but I'd like an over-all community opinion on it. Would you show up? Where should it be? What would we do? Etc..

Your input is appreciated :)
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